1 Part Rock. 1 Part Roll. 2 Parts Zen.

Chris Amodeo’s VO brand is a sound that conveys believability and authenticity. His range delivers both energy and nuance to better serve the copy and you, the client.

For the last 22 years he’s been in private practice as a Rolfer®,(think body-centered psychotherapy) and has been featured in Elle, GQ and Coast magazines.

This exploration of personal transformation with his clients may be what gives an underlying depth and credibility to his voice. Trained by VO guru Nancy Wolfson, Chris quickly entered the voiceover world in 2006 landing one of the biggest non-union VO jobs that year with Sony’s BluRay. He is a pro that can easily go from VH-1 Behind the Music-type narrations to bigger, more resonant movie trailer- sounding spots, to higher energy/pitched promos. The mantra these days is “non- announcery”. Chris can do that…loves that. AND, he can be that good kind of announcer, or promo guy, too…the one who doesn’t talk at you or down to you, but rather, talks with you.

The Amodeo ethos is current advertising’s winning combo: COOL and RELEVANT. He keeps busy in Laguna Beach as a Rolfer, singer-songwriter and voice-over artist with his writer/editor-in-chief wife and two kids.

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